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Sprinkler Winterizations for 2019 are scheduled from September 13, 2019 - October 31, 2019

It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to eliminate the risk of freeze damage to your sprinklers, lines, valves and water service point(s) of connection. When we blow-out and winterize sprinkler systems, we connect to the outdoor water service to blow out any remaining water from the outside underground sprinkler lines.  If your system has a connection inside of the home, extended point of connection, or other lines that may not be visible, let us know in advance or at the time of service.

Customer Check List:

  1. Shut off main water source (Gate or Ball Valve) to your irrigation system.
  2. Turn the sprinkler system controller to the 'Off' position.

What do we do?

  1. Connect compressed air to Sprinkler System Point of Connection  “The Main Line.”
  2. Open drain valve inside electric valve box (if applicable) to drain lateral lines.
  3. Manually open all electric valves and use compressed air to blow out each line. 
  4. If Applicable, drain backflow device.
  5. Open, drain and close any drain valves or plugs between the manifold and water source.
  6. Turn off controller.
  7. Mark System as "WINTERIZED" with Safety Tape. 

Promotional Incentives

  • Group Rate ---$3.00 Credit for Each Person in group or Referral ( No Maximum*)
  • Previous Customer ---$10.00 Discount (Must already be on list)
  • Marketing --- Watch for Marketing Promotions in MT Standard, Facebook, Website, and other locations!

2019 Service Fees
The Service Fees for 2019 are listed below.  The fees are based on customer status, number of zones, location of connections, and other conditions.  

 The Standard, New Customer Base Fee is $56.00

           # of Valves            Base Rate           Previous Customer
1-5                       $56.00                   $46.00
Each Additional Electric Valve +$3.00

*The Minimum Service fee is $41.00 

  1. Inside Connections  + $10.00 Minimum.   Cost Discretion based on depends on location and difficulty of access.
  2. Multiple Connections +$6.00 per Connection
  3. Additional Hose +$5.00 for each additional 50 feet of air hose necessary to reach the connection. 
  4. Locating  Minimum fee of $15.00 may apply to locate water lines, electric valves or system components.
  5. Hourly Rate For large properties, ranches and rural locations, we offer an hourly rate.  The rate begins at time of dispatch until the truck and compressor return to the shop or next serviceable location, whichever is closer. 
  6. Scheduling and DispatchThere is a fee of $75.00 that applies to all unserviceable requests and cancelled service requests that do not provide a 24 Hour Minimum Notice. This is a non- negotiable fee that has been in place since 2009 and is not hidden on this site.  By scheduling a service, you are acknowledging awareness of this fee. 
  7. Payment Due At time of Service

As part of the service, we may include recommendations on your invoice for future improvements to the function of your system, lawn and landscaping.  Improvements we may suggest include: New Controller, Sprinkler System Optimization, Replace Spray Head/s, Replace Rotor Head/s, Replace Valve/s, Replace / Install Back Flow Preventer, Start a Nutrient Program, Sharpen Mower Blades, or other services. You are not charged for these recommendations. 

Additional Information
It is important to continue to irrigate your lawn, trees, and shrubs until daytime temperatures do not exceed 40 Degrees or generally until the second week of November. If you have new plantings, continue to hand water, even after your system has been winterized. 

The soil in Southwest Montana is predominantly sandy decomposed granite with very little water holding capacity.  Those yards with topsoil have an increased ability to hold water and nutrients, however for plant vitality and early spring green up, you should continue to water plants and trees until we have consistent snow cover.

For health and vitality of your lawn and landscape plants, there should be moisture in the soil during the winter and spring, so that as plants begin to take up water during the budding stage, there are adequate resources available in the soil.  For most native plants and trees, supplemental irrigation is not required; however non native and ornamental trees and shrubs require constant soil moisture, especially those that do not have an established root system (new plantings).

If you have new plantings with less than 3 years growth, watering late into the fall, until we have steady snow cover, is absolutely essential to protect your investment. Further, if there are warm winter days where snow has melted and the daytime temperatures reach above 40 degrees for more than a week at a time, you should water beneath the drip line of your new plantings to ensure that they do not suffer from desiccation.

2019 General Terms of Service
The Property Owner should provide any known information about the system and components, and have them marked and accessible prior to arrival. Components include: Main line water source, isolation valves, electric valves, valve boxes, connection points, manifolds, hose bibs, garden spigots, drip system connections and terminations, controller, and/or any other functioning component of the sprinkler system.

  1. If Dan O’Neill has to spend time to locate system components, the service will be billed at the hourly rate.
  2. Appointments are scheduled in ½ hour blocks, between 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday and occasionally Saturday and Sunday, Depending on Weather and Football.
  3. Your initial call will guarantee a scheduled appointment. You may not receive a follow up call to confirm the appointment. It is your responsibility to be onsite within ½ hour of your scheduled time block to avoid a $75.00 Scheduling and Dispatch Fee.
  4. If the property owner is not at home at the time of the sprinkler blowout, Dan O’Neill will attempt to do the sprinkler blowout in the owner’s absence. A $75.00 Scheduling and Dispatch Fee will apply if the visit is "unserviceable."
  5. The property owner will make sure that valve boxes are uncovered and easy to locate by removing grass, weeds, bark, rock, or other items. Pet feces should be removed from the lawn prior to arrival – An automatic penalty of $45.00 will be applied to the invoice if pet feces are in the way of or come in contact with service professional and hose.
  6. If the property owner is not at home during the sprinkler blowout, an invoice will arrive at the service address via United States Postal Service, and/or at the email address provided at time of scheduling. Invoices are due Upon Receipt. 
  7. There is a $25.00 Billing Fee for payments not received withing 5 days. Additionally, interest will begin accruing at a rate of 1.5% per month,  18% year, or the maximum allowable by law after 30 days.  Attorneys Fees, Collection Fees, Court Fees, and any fee involved with recovering monies due will be applied to the account until the balance is collected in full. 
  8. The service request may be cancelled minimum of 24 hours in advance by phone, text or e-mail. Failure to provide a 24 hours notice will result in a $75.00 Scheduling and Dispatch Fee.
  9. I understand that if my sprinkler blowout has already been completed and Dan O’Neill has not been notified per #8 above, and has hooked up  equipment to my sprinkler system to do the blowout, it counts as a sprinkler blowout and I will be charged the normal price I would have been charged for the blowout.
  10. I further understand that Dan O’Neill is not liable for any damage to my system, including damaged caused during the blowout by compressed air, and also after the blowout and winterization process takes place, including components that may freeze and crack.
  11. Dan O’Neill will not be held liable for damage to lawn, fence, gates, windows, and/or any type of personal property as a result of the attempt to winterize the sprinkler system.

Thank you for choosing Dan O'Neill for your winterization services.