Dan O'Neill / BelleCreeke

The main objective is to provide a value added service to your residential or commercial property.  My long term knowledge of the local growing conditions, plant materials, products and construction techniques allow me and my team to present a suitable, effective design as well as a cost conscious proposal to every friend and neighbor we serve.  The main objective is realized upon completion of the project, and for many years to come.

Why choose to work with Dan O’Neill?

  1. I continue to enjoy this business thanks to the friendships and opportunities that continue to be created with friends and clients that have shared directly with me or through a referral. Each project is unique, each site has different conditions, and each owner has goals, ideas, and outcomes that they would like to achieve as part of their project.  I am here to make those a reality.
  2. I am just as excited to enter my 18th year of service as I was to enter my 1st year of Service. In fact, I am more excited, prepared, and capable to provide professional, value added landscaping and related services than I was in 1999.  ​
  3. I work with qualified, capable and enthusiastic employees and associates who bring confidence and professionalism to your project.   I would be thankful to continue to serve Montana into the future.
  4. My experience is extensive, yet each site is provides an opportunity for a new design, a new material, or specific conditions that ensure your landscaping is unique to you and your home.
  5. I have professional experience providing the following: Site Analysis and Design, Sprinkler Systems, Retaining Walls, Paver Pathways and Patios, Decks, Landscape Lighting, Planting Design, Sales & Installation, Site preparation, Hydro seeding and sod.
  6. I am capable of creating intimate settings, spaces for parties, recreation, gardening, and business environments built to limit risk. My experience and knowledge of local conditions, specifically: soils, fertilization, woody ornamentals, evergreen and deciduous trees specific to this region with a fragmented knowledge of annuals and perennials.
  7. My prior business experience includes franchise owner of both Scotts Lawn Service and Christmas Décor Franchise systems. Currently I operate independently of corporate or franchise systems, however maintain distributor relationships with many industry related brands.
  8. I have experience managing multiple jobs and crew sizes from 2- 20, so the project owner has peace of mind knowing that all the necessary products, people, and equipment arrive on time and the project will stay within budget.
  9. My ascendants arrived in Montana prior to the 1880's and made their livings as Ranchers, Military Officers, Nurserymen, Clothing Retailers, Hoteliers, Restaurateur's, Market operators, Miners, Dentists, Mining Human Resources, while also actively involved in educational and community organizations, athletics, church ministry, local and international missionary work, as well as state social and economic development.
  10. My goal is to do the best for myself and those that I work for to improve standards of living, increase economic awareness and eliminate internal plotz against the greater good of the local and state business economy.

About Dan O'Neill / BelleCreeke